Handmade Polymer Clay Cameo Jewelry with Molds

I’ve always loved cameo jewelry.  There’s just such a romantic aura to it.  Nowadays, you can make your own cameo jewelry with polymer clay and molds.  I bought some molds from an eBay seller and wanted to share my first creation.  This was a gift for a friend’s birthday.

Cameo and Bead Necklace


Closeup of the cameo on backing

It’s a bit difficult to tell with the lighting in these pictures (and I don’t have the necklace anymore to take another shot) but I combined white and black polymer clay to get a sort of marbled gray background.

I dusted one of the push molds I bought with some talcum powder to prevent sticking and pushed a small mount of white clay into it the face section.  I laid the gray clay over this which fit in the oval background.  I carefully removed the clay and baked according to the package instructions.

I had to dremel the edges down a bit to fit into the bezel backing which is sort of a Victorian -looking picture frame.  I glued it the frame and used it as a centerpiece for the beaded necklace.

I was very happy with the outcome and will be making some gifts this year of jewelry using this technique and also put some pieces up in my Etsy shop.  If you’re a jewelry maker who enjoys clay and cameos, I hope this has inspired you to create some of your own pieces.  You can find molds on Etsy and eBay at reasonable prices.  And there are so many types to choose from, not just traditional, such as skulls and other Halloween-type images as well as religious themes.

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3 Responses to Handmade Polymer Clay Cameo Jewelry with Molds

  1. admin says:

    These are really beautiful pieces. I bet they will sell really well for Christmas.

  2. Sweetbearies says:

    Very nice way to make cameo necklaces.

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