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What does PubWages have to offer a reader? News, information and opinions that you will not find anywhere else. Are you looking to read what everybody already knows? Then read the leading newspapers, magazines and journals. Are you looking for information that the experts will not share with you? Ideas that you have never heard before? Are you a critical thinker, able to make up your own mind? Then try PubWages.

PubWages allows its contributors to share their knowledge based on a percentage of earnings from advertising. We do not pay a salary. We do not tell people what to write, nor do we answer to a corporate organization. Our writers are independent, and their opinion is not bought and paid for.

Do you want fresh information? Are you able to judge for yourself what is likely to be factual and what has been invented out of thin air? Can you tell the difference between humor and factual reporting without having it clearly labeled for you? Then PubWages is the place for you. Not all is as it seems. Explore the pubs on PubWages and judge for yourself.

4 Responses to To Our Readers

  1. SarahJade says:

    I can’t see my posts in the dashboard. The layout, appearance and everything else is missing too.

    • admin says:

      Sarah, thanks for posting this. You are a new member and your account had not yet been approved. We usually require an email to ascertain that someone is a real person and not a bot before allowing their account to go live. But I can see that you are real, because no robot has ever complained about not seeing its articles published, so I will now activate your account.

  2. SarahJade says:


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