Pubwages Guidelines

As a Pubwages contributor, you will be expected to conform to the Google TOS, because your earnings will come partially from Adsense. You will also refrain from infringing on anyone’s copyright, will not engage in defamation, nor do anything using your Pubwages account that will land you or us into legal difficulties.

Beyond this, you can write whatever you like. If what you write brings in earnings, you and Pubwages will share in the take. Eighty percent for you, twenty percent for us.

At Pubwages your own actions determine the wages you earn for the Pubs that you publish. It also means that if you are writing only for pleasure, you will be allowed to do so here free of charge.

Whether you are a skilled internet marketer, or an artist wanting to share your works with the world, a professional with advice or an amateur bursting with enthusiasm over a hobby,  this is a good place to showcase what you write.

Is Pubwages a high quality site? It all depends on you.


29 Responses to Pubwages Guidelines

  1. Katie says:

    Love the name pubwages, so cool, makes me smile for soooo many reasons!

    Looking forward to writing here.


  2. misterveritis says:

    Wonderful. I will be moving my articles over from Hubpages. I will start writing to learn the interface.

  3. Mike Teddleton says:

    Great title, makes the mind wonder a bit as to all the possibilities. With all the great authors, high quality relevant content is assured. Thanks for putting up the Pubpages site.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks, Mike. The possibilities are endless. Come join us!

    • teddletonmr says:

      Thanks for the invite. Please if you would share the steps I need to take to become a part of the Pubwages community. I would very much like to join in on all the fun as one of the Pubwages contributors .
      Thanks for your help, best wishes. Mike

      • admin says:

        Mike, I’m glad you asked. Here is a list of steps:
        1. Register. You can do so here:
        2. If you are using your own name and I’ll recognize it, then you don’t need to send me an email telling me who you are. But if you’re using a pseudonym I wouldn’t recognize then send me an email to let me know it’s you.
        3. When you first register, you are listed as a contributor. I will approve you as an author, and then you can start writing.
        4. Input Adsense ID and Amazon ID in your dashboard, so you can begin earning.
        5. Write a short bio of yourself and upload an avatar to the Gravatar site. Here’s something that explains that:
        6. Under posts in your dashboard, select “new post” and start writing!
        I hope to read your pubs soon!

  5. James Bowden says:

    How do I sign-up to begin writing and publishing my articles on Pubpages?

    • admin says:

      James, thanks for asking. You register with Pubwages by clicking on “register” which appears under “Meta” in the right sidebar. After you register, then you are a contributor. Once I approve you, then you become an author and can start writing pubs. For me to approve you, you need to be an actual person. Lately I have been getting a lot of registrations by entities like “Sexy Shoes” and when I send them emails asking them to explain who they are, the emails bounce back. Entities like that don’t get promoted to author. But if you are a person, you are most welcome!

  6. Marie Jimenez-Beaumont says:


    I see there are fellow Hubpages writers here. 🙂 I would like to register but under ‘Sufilight” which I use in my inspirational blog in WordPress and Twitter. Is it allowable here to use articles that I have published elsewhere but does not have much traffic? Such as a website nobody really visits?

    • admin says:

      Marie, of course! I would love for you to write on PubWages.

      As for using articles you have published elsewhere, we’re bound by the same rules as anyone else because of Google: no duplicate content. However, if you unpublish elsewhere and allow it to de-index, you can then republish here.

      Another way to deal with the issue is to write a spin-off from the previous article, conveying the same information, but in somewhat different words.

      I hope to read your pubs here soon!

  7. I registered under “VioletSun” in order to have a second WP account and be able to participate in PubWages… My Sufilight blog, I guess will be separate. Trying to find my way around WP as I am basically new.


    • Sweetbearies says:

      I have a Word Press blog, but I rarely update it as I only use it for backlinks. If you I told you how many blogs I have, you might faint. I have about fifteen :).

    • admin says:

      Marie, sorry about the delay in my handling your registration. I am not always online, and PW doesn’t automatically approve people. When you first register, you become a contributor, so you can start out posting pubs, but I have to approve them before they show up online. After you are approved as an author, your pubs appear immediately, without any requirement of approval from me.

      As per your request, I have approved you as an author under the name Mariestips, and I have deleted VioletSun. I look forward to reading your pubs!

  8. Marie says:

    I registered under VioletSun and selected my own password. When trying to login again the sytem didn’t recognize my password, so I requested a new password, but, the system does recognize my user name either; it says I am not registered yet.


  9. L.Perry says:

    Hello Admin,
    I write articles on several Adsense revenue sharing sites and Pubwages looks promising. I do have a question, however. I don’t see any Adsense ads within the content of any articles here above the fold. Am I missing something?

    I surfed through various topics and even came in from a Google search but only found a small one below the comment area and at the very bottom of the screen. Thanks for your reply 🙂

  10. PJ Deneen says:

    Hi, I’m pretty new to WordPress and can’t see any way to add a profile pic. Will you help? Also, when I work on a post and try to use the Amazon widget I enter my title and then go to preview to make sure it took and it doesn’t show the Amazon product. So instead, I just used the Amazon Quick Links tool. Does that tool still include my Amazon affiliate ID?

    Thanks for your help.

  11. I want to join… where do I go to join?
    Deborah Brooks Langford

    • admin says:

      Deborah, here is the place to register:

      After you register, send me an email or a FB message to let me know what user name you registered under. There are so many bots that try to spam this site that I delete new accounts if I don’t get the email or FB message within a few hours of registration.

      I look forward to reading your pubs! Welcome!

  12. Thumbi says:

    Looks like a legit site.
    Where do I get the details of how long I take to earn?

    • admin says:

      Well, the earnings don’t come from us at PubWages. The revenue streams are from Amazon and Adsense, and you have to open affiliate accounts with them. They can tell you more about how long it takes to start earning, although experiences do vary.

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