Forgotten Art

Rolled up canvases I found

Painting from Bali

Sometimes when we are looking for something we have misplaced, we come across something else that we have forgotten all about. That’s what happened to me one morning. I was looking for gumdrops in the kitchen cabinets and instead I cam across two rolled up canvasses from my years in Taiwan.

These are artworks that were given to me when I was living in Taiwan but that I never got around to framing. And what they were doing in my top kitchen cabinet is beyond me.

The first one was given to me by a fellow professor in the Foreign Language Department at Tamsui Oxford University College. He went on a little trip to Bali and brought back gifts for everyone. He gave me this canvas with the painting of the little boats in the blood-red sunset. But at the time, I was just about to move from Tamsui to Taichung, so I kept the canvas rolled up, thinking I would frame it later. Then later I was very busy with a new baby and a new job, and I never did anything at all about it.

The second one was given to me by Ghost Mask maker from Jiufen. At least, I’m pretty sure it was his. It is black and white and very typically Chinese.

Artwork from Jiufen

Someday, I should frame these pictures and hang them up properly. I just don’t know when yet. I am also thinking that I might be able to use them for cover illustrations for future books someday, if the original artists don’t mind.

What do you think? Would these make good book cover illustrations? How would I go about finding the artists so as to get their permission?

Copyright 2013 Aya Katz – – Words and Images

Note: I took these photos myself of the canvases I found in my kitchen cabinet.

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The article is from November 5, 2013. Facebook reminded me today of this memory from four years ago.


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