Enjoying Nature: It’s Springtime — Almost!

Flowers6We thought that spring had finally come.  The flowers were blooming, the air was warm. The birds were chirping and the small leaflets were starting to bud on the trees.

The blossoms of every flower seemed to reach out and open toward the sky, begging for sunlight.


 Cultivated flowers and wild flowers alike rejoiced in the warmth.

Flowers3 (2)

Even the lowly dandelion was happy.


But then everything changed. Suddenly the sun was obscured by clouds and the wind picked up. Even the lowliest flowers could feel it. (BloomWindDandelion)

The tiniest flowers of all trembled in the wind.

Soon there was rain coming down from the sky and after that the world turned cold.

Maybe spring has begun, but it’s still a work in progress.


Copyright 2013 Aya Katz

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