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An interesting blog about punctuation marks and their histories ……

Here is an exceedingly interesting blog about marks of punctuation and their often odd histories, where you are all but guaranteed to learn far more about the subject than you could ever have imagined … http://www.shadycharacters.co.uk/ A sample excerpt: ” … Continue reading

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Music to Listen to While Writing a Novel: Our Lady of Kaifeng

Most people imagine that writing a book is accomplished while sitting. The author dips his quill or taps on the keys of his typewriter or the keyboard of this computer. Naturally, he is sitting down. But not all writers do … Continue reading

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Interview With Hannah Johnson About Writing

Hannah Johnson is a talented writer who maintains the website Frisky Kitten Publishing, so I decided to ask her a few questions about her writing projects. What is your website Frisky Kitten Publishing about? My website Frisky Kitten Publishing is … Continue reading

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What I Write About: Projects Ranging From Novels, Art, Photography, and Book…

Like many writers out there, I have been writing a novel, but mine is a bit of a parody of the traditional romance novel. Honestly, the rough draft of been languishing for awhile, and I need to stimulate myself to … Continue reading

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