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Books Available from Inverted-A Press

Inverted-A Press carries the following Titles: The Portrait of a Lover by John Wheatcroft. A Thousand and One Stories of Pericon de Cadiz Transatlantic Lives by Jesse Bier Theodosia and the Pirates by Aya Katz       Vacuum County … Continue reading

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The Art of Conversation

There is an art to brilliant conversation. It is more than each person talking in turn. It is more than showing courtesy to your interlocutor, pausing when needed, and listening just as much as you speak. Real conversations, the ones … Continue reading

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Reciprocity and Turn Taking in Love

No love is selfless. Love is its own reward and is tied directly to the reward center of the brain, Continue reading

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Marketing Tips for Authors with A Small Press: How to Market Your Book

In order to market your small press book, you must marshal all the resources available to you free of charge. Choose a title that is self-explanatory. Use your blog, your local organizations and Skype to publicize your book. Get reviews by finding people who review similar books online. Continue reading

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The World War II Theme in Inverted-A Press Books

Two of our authors at Inverted-A Press are World War II veterans: John Wheatcroft, the author The Portrait of a Lover and Jesse Bier, the author of Transatlantic Lives.  John Wheatcroft speaks about his experiences during the war: In his novel Transatlantic Lives, … Continue reading

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