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Primates and Primatologists

Primates and Primatologists Note: This is a Vlog Post. The text comes from the video embedded below. It is in a spoken register of English. I have a lot of comments on my videos, especially the videos of Bow. And … Continue reading

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A Comparative Review of “Someday, Someday, Maybe”

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This is going to be not so much a review, but a sort of free association starting with the fact that I just finished reading Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham.  Did I like the book? Yes. Was it easy … Continue reading

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Chimpanzee Development: Age Three through Five

[This article was first published on Hubpages in 2008. It has been deemed idle, and so is now republished on pubWages] Bow’s Development: Age Three Through Five Sword and Bow on trampoline (2005) When Bow was three years old, he … Continue reading

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A Young Chimpanzee’s Growth and Development

When baby chimpanzees are cross-fostered in a human home, the result is an enculturated chimpanzee. Project Bow was founded in order to show that chimpanzees can not only acquire human language, but are also capable of literacy. Read this article about Bow to see how it all began. Continue reading

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Our Mothers’ Backs

[Note: This article was originally published on Hubpages in 2009. Since the content was deemed to violate Hubpages editorial policy in 2012, it has been moved to PubWages.] Seirei no Moribito Episode 2 English Subbed | Watch Seirei no Moribito … Continue reading

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Supporters of Project Bow: Call your State Legislators to Defeat SB 666

Help stop SB 666! Call your Missouri state senator today! Continue reading

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What We Can Learn From Project Nim

Apparently there is a new movie out about Project Nim. The story of Nim Chimpsky is one worth considering, and many think of it primarily as a cautionary tale. Here are a few things that I learned not to do … Continue reading

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