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How to Make a Rainforest Diorama

How to make a rainforest diorama Updated on July 1, 2011 Aya Katz has a PhD in linguistics from Rice University. She is an ape language researcher and the author of Vacuum County and other novels. [Note: This article was … Continue reading

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Everybody can find beauty in a flower, or a butterfly or a deer. But if you love nature, then you also see the symmetry and the grace of a common, ordinary black rat snake.   This December, just before the … Continue reading

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Enjoying Nature: It’s Springtime — Almost!

We thought that spring had finally come.  The flowers were blooming, the air was warm. The birds were chirping and the small leaflets were starting to bud on the trees. The blossoms of every flower seemed to reach out and … Continue reading

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Fall Leaves Changing Colors

This gallery contains 21 photos.

When we cannot travel, it’s good to live in a beautiful place. Continue reading

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They are at risk and twelve species are thinking that North America is a handsome place to raise their family. The most secluded waters are over-fished and the habitat has no knowledge of deliberate depletion. Our role in the ecosystem … Continue reading

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Winter The wind is rushing by The birds all disappear And I cry out, “Winter has come.” Spring The snow is seeping through the ground A child whispers softly And the coldness is no longer here. Summer I hear the … Continue reading

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The Cat On A Wall With A Bird

The other morning I was intrigued by a cat sitting on a wall in the early morning. A bird kept flying in close proximity to the cat, who acted like he sort of wanted to catch the bird. However, the … Continue reading

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