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Who Are the Flowers For?

I went out for a walk today, and there by the fence line were some beautiful flowers. Somehow they had grown there just for me, to brighten my day and to lift my spirits. Such an expenditure! Such showy blossoms! … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Captures

Yesterday I captured a few photos of white morning glories. There was a magenta one nearby, as well. The rainstorm has been quite beneficial because this means I will not have to water the morning glories for awhile. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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Tall Phlox

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Tall phlox blooms later than creeping phlox. In my garden, the season starts in mid-June, and ends late in July. Tall Phlox is so called because it consists of tall, green  stalks that grow anew from the roots every year.   … Continue reading

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The Purple Lantana

Purple lantana flowers appear to be little dots of bright lavender from the distance, but up close the flowers are quite delicate in composition. These floral bushes are evocative of pointillist paintings that have come to life. The lantana bushes … Continue reading

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Chokecherry Flowers

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A cluster of flowers hangs down from a limb. You look up. They’re so beautiful, with a perfectly round, deep-set yellow center, and a white stigma like a dot sticking out.  The symmetry in each blossom is so perfect, you … Continue reading

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Rue Anemone

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At first, I misidentified this plant as liverleaf. The name liverleaf did not seem nearly as beautiful as these delicate little wildflowers that grow in my woods, so I was pleased to find out that is not what they are called … Continue reading

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Purple Morning Glories Are Hardy

Purple morning glories are very resilient flowers. I planted a few seeds in the backyard, but these pretty much take care of themselves. Watering the plant once and awhile is essential since it is a bit dry here in Southern … Continue reading

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Enjoying Nature: It’s Springtime — Almost!

We thought that spring had finally come.  The flowers were blooming, the air was warm. The birds were chirping and the small leaflets were starting to bud on the trees. The blossoms of every flower seemed to reach out and … Continue reading

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