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Books Available from Inverted-A Press

Inverted-A Press carries the following Titles: The Portrait of a Lover by John Wheatcroft. A Thousand and One Stories of Pericon de Cadiz Transatlantic Lives by Jesse Bier Theodosia and the Pirates by Aya Katz       Vacuum County … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Lady Cyclist’s Guide To Kashgar

I am always drawn to historical fiction, and the novel A Lady Bicyclist Guide to Kashgar, by Suzanne Joinson caught my interest for this reason.  Kashgar is a city in western China, which is bordered by the countries of Tajikistan and Krygystan, … Continue reading

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Music to Listen to While Writing a Novel: Our Lady of Kaifeng

Most people imagine that writing a book is accomplished while sitting. The author dips his quill or taps on the keys of his typewriter or the keyboard of this computer. Naturally, he is sitting down. But not all writers do … Continue reading

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Rosewater and Sodabread: A Book Review

Rosewater and Sodabread is the second novel written by the author Marsh Mehran, which is part of a series about three Iranian sisters who emigrate to Ireland to open the Babylon Cafe. Follow the adventures of the Aminpour sisters  in … Continue reading

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Book review: Second String, by Anthony Hope

Second String is a story of class differences, small-town scandal, politics and romance in early 20th Century England. Published in 1910, this novel has recently become available on Project Gutenberg.  Link to the book: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/38796 Our hero, Andy Hayes, has … Continue reading

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