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Meeting People Halfway: Detours in Communication

Most people agree that if you want to communicate with someone else, you have to meet him halfway. It’s all about give and take, and we have to be willing to do both. But what many people have never stopped … Continue reading

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An interesting blog about punctuation marks and their histories ……

Here is an exceedingly interesting blog about marks of punctuation and their often odd histories, where you are all but guaranteed to learn far more about the subject than you could ever have imagined … A sample excerpt: ” … Continue reading

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Using French Cuisine to Teach French: Crème brûlée Recipe

The very best way to learn a new language is by total immersion. When someone is forced to conduct all business and all pleasure in the new language, it is much more likely to sink in and be absorbed at … Continue reading

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Covenant Between the Pieces

Crocodil:   Covenant Between the Pieces   Look up toward the heavens And count  the stars: Six million too many.   And lo, a smoking furnace…   (Genesis 15,5;  17)     L’Alliance d’Abraham   Leve les yeux au ciel … Continue reading

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Spain, tourism, and flamenco

Spain often is marketed as the land of passion, bullfights, flamenco, sun, and sand.  Blurring significant regional diversity, an almost comic-book version of its southern region, Andalucía, has been promoted as the public face of Spain – it has all … Continue reading

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Handwriting and Vocabulary Growth

Here’s an unexpected, unintended consequence of pouring precious classroom time into cursive … according to this study from the Journal of Education Research, the longer a student has been taught cursive/required to use cursive. the smaller the vocabulary of that … Continue reading

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PubWages Review

Pubwages is an amazing site similiar to hubpages where you can post pubs, check other comments, and look at reviews. If you liked hubpages then you’ll LOVE pubwages. Check pubwages everyday and get many views and comments. New things will … Continue reading

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