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Belly Lying

When you were born, there were no rules about how a baby was supposed to be positioned in the crib. Sometimes you slept on your belly. Sometimes you slept on your back. There was usually a blanket covering you. There … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen a mayapple blossom? They are shy, and hide about halfway down the stem of the plant, their faces turned away from prying eyes. Mayapples grow in colonies from a single root system. That’s why you will … Continue reading

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Making Your Room Look and Smell Nice

If you have a messy room, but you want to make it look and smell nice, you can start by cleaning out things you don’t need to make room. Once you’ve cleaned and organized things out, it’s time to vaccuum … Continue reading

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Removing Makeup

Sometimes if you’re wearing waterproof makeup, it can be hard to take off. If you get the right makeup remover, it’ll be a piece of cake. Never sleep in your makeup, it clogs pores and your skin needs to breathe … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Hair

Many people have a hard time protecting their hair from getting dry and having lots of split ends. These are some tips on how to protect your from getting damaged. Your hair may have a lot of split ends if … Continue reading

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Contact Lenses

Tired of wearing glasses? Try wearing contact lenses. A contact lens is a thin lens you place on the surface of the eye. Contacts can be worn to correct vision or make your eyes look a different color. There are … Continue reading

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Meeting People Halfway: Detours in Communication

Most people agree that if you want to communicate with someone else, you have to meet him halfway. It’s all about give and take, and we have to be willing to do both. But what many people have never stopped … Continue reading

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Buy Reach Gentle Gum Care Woven Dental Floss Online

Sometimes we become accustomed to finding a personal hygiene product at our local drugstore or grocery store. Then one day it disappears. Did they stop making it, we wonder? Or has this particular store just stopped carrying it for some … Continue reading

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Is violence the answer?

Greetings and Salutations! Is violence the answer? is a new pub about violent video games, television shows and movies. My thesis is that an excessive amount of intake of violence is unhealthy, unwarranted, and unecessary not to mention damaging to … Continue reading

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An interesting blog about punctuation marks and their histories ……

Here is an exceedingly interesting blog about marks of punctuation and their often odd histories, where you are all but guaranteed to learn far more about the subject than you could ever have imagined … A sample excerpt: ” … Continue reading

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