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Maze Finger App Review

Maze Finger is a really good addicting app that you can get at the app store completely free. When you first get into the game and install the app it kind of looks like an electrical maze. You have to … Continue reading

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Facebook App For iPod Touch/iPhone

You can get a facebook app for your iPod Touch/iPhone at the app store. On this app you have many options. When you use it for the first time you have to log into your facebook account on it. Next … Continue reading

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Mac VS Windows

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A lot of people have Mac computers and laptops at their work place because they tend to work pretty fast with them. However Mac won’t allow you to install certain things such as Hypercam 2 and other things. Windows gives … Continue reading

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iPod Touch- Free Text and Call App

For the iPod Touch there is an app called: Textfree and if you get the voice version then you can not only text free and unlimited but you can also call free with minutes. If you go to the App … Continue reading

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Why the Peace Sign Makes Me Uneasy

Somebody flashes you the peace sign. What do you do? I usually try to smile it off and walk away, because, after all, not everything is worth fighting about.  But it makes me uneasy, and sometimes I have an almost … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like Ludwig Von Mises.

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  Ludwig Von Mises was an Austrian economist of the twentieth century. He died in 1973, one year after I was born. I didn’t know him personally. So I don’t mean my title in the way that Murray Rothbard didn’t … Continue reading

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