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I’d Rather Be Free — A Song from THE DEBT COLLECTOR

Not everyone would rather be free. Even if most of us think we would like to be free, very few of us would be willing to pay the ultimate price for our liberty. Not everyone prefers death to loss of … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol Revisited

A Christmas Carol Revisited: Analyzing George C. Scott’s Scrooge [This article was originally published on Hubpages in 2010 and eventually de-indexed.] An Excerpt from A Christmas Carol “At this festive season of the year, Mr. Scrooge,” said the gentleman, taking … Continue reading

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Songs From the Debt Collector, A Libertarian Musical

Nobody in The Debt Collector is a saint, but nobody is irredeemable. Take Lottie Lark, the welfare mother. When one of her children shoplifts, Lottie reprimands the child and explains that it is not necessary to steal, because the law already provides them with everything they need at other people’s expense. The Larks are law abiding people. Continue reading

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Should the World Be Run By a Giant Computer?

Should the world we live in be run by a giant computer? Personally, I’d have to say no. But that’s just me. Not everybody agrees. For instance, right here on hubpages, there’s a hub that features a video dedicated to the proposition that all our economic problems would be solved if we gave up our current form of government and just let a computer decide how to allocate resources. There’s even a catchy slogan: “Every problem is a technical problem.” Continue reading

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Duped by a Drupe

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[This short piece was first published in the fall of 2013 on a site that has since closed.] Fall is very nearly upon us. I can tell, because the dogwood tree is fruiting. The little red berry-like objects are really … Continue reading

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My Experiences with Socialized Healthcare

[This article was first published in October of 2013 on a site that has since closed.] A friend of mine posted on Facebook some of her experiences with socialized medicine while she was abroad. She spoke of the free health … Continue reading

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Oh, Beautiful, for Pilgrim Feet!

I support all people’s right to use whatever mode of transportation works to achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves. I support their right to do so at their own expense. I am entirely opposed to subsidized transportation of whatever sort, because not only does that violate our property rights, it ultimately affects our ability to take the less beaten path. Continue reading

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Who Are the Flowers For?

I went out for a walk today, and there by the fence line were some beautiful flowers. Somehow they had grown there just for me, to brighten my day and to lift my spirits. Such an expenditure! Such showy blossoms! … Continue reading

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What is Immortality and How Can I Get Some?

What is Immortality and How Can I Get Some? NOTE: This article was first published on Hubpages on September 16, 2010 but has since been deindexed. “The living know that they will die; and the dead  know nothing at all, … Continue reading

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Three Songs for Siren

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Some people, like Siren the Social Worker, are as elusive and attractive and maddening as butterflies. They flit around leaving havoc in their wake, totally unaware of their part in the damage. We all know people like that: bubbly, full … Continue reading

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