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An Extended Synopsis of The Debt Collector

Blood Samosude is someone to fear.  A vigilante enforcer of contracts, Blood lives outside the law and is shunned by respectable society. In the town, they warn one another about him. The debt collector, the debt collector, They don’t call … Continue reading

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Variations on “The Ash Grove”

[Last Updated on February 26, 2010. First published on Hubpages and then de-indexed.] Folk tunes have a long shelf life. They get re-used often with different lyrics, and we can learn a lot about the values and preferences of different … Continue reading

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and the Windows XP Sound Recorder

[This filk song was published on Hubpages in 2009 and was later unpublished because of “pixelated images” at a time when HP thought Google would give them their traffic back if only they did not allow pixelated images.] Tune: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by … Continue reading

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Canadian singer-songwriter Sylvana White interviewed

 Let me introduce you to Sylvana White I had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with Canadian singer Sylvana White. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Hi my name is Sylvana White! I was born in Montreal, Canada and raised … Continue reading

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Ayesha Takia in MOD  मोड

I don’t usually watch Bollywood movies, and I do not speak Hindi or Tamil, and I don’t normally enjoy watching movies where I don’t understand what people are saying. However  I was able to watch Ayesha Takia in the movie … Continue reading

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The Best Zeppelin playlist on iTunes

A faithful reader of mine asked me to do a piece on Led Zeppelin.  Thinking about this amazing artist made it a quick and simple yes I will.  I created a playlist of Zeppelins best songs available on iTunes. Because … Continue reading

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A Thousand and One Stories of Pericón de Cádiz: English Translation

Inverted-A Press has entered into an agreement with José Luis Ortiz Nuevo and John Moore to publish Moore’s English translation of Ortiz Nuevo’s book Las mil y una historias de Pericón de Cádiz: A Thousand and One Stories of Pericón … Continue reading

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The Music of Victoria Trestrail

Victoria Trestrail was born and raised on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. She has a warm, strong voice and a persona that comes across well in both video and audio performances. In short, she has a presence! Victoria … Continue reading

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Daniel Carter’s “Come Unto Him”

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is world renowned for its choral singing. Recently, a new album called This is the Christ released by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir made the news for its meteoric rise in the charts. One of the songs … Continue reading

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Where the Personal and the Public Intersect: Memorial Day Musings

This Memorial Day I didn’t go anywhere or do anything special. I asked a family member from Israel what she did, and she said that she stayed home, too. “A lot of people go out and celebrate around here,” I … Continue reading

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