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Where Have All the Nannies Gone? A Review of Saving Mr. Banks

Ultimately both Disney and Travers were conflicted and inconsistent. He enjoyed great business success, but put out movies that pandered to the foes of industry and free trade. She wanted to hold on to her artistic purity, but did not realize that only money could set her free to do that. All in all, it’s still a very optimistic movie. Why? Because the Sherman brothers wrote great songs! They showed both sides of the coin equally well. Continue reading

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Hocking the Family Jewels: The Value of Jewelry in Hard Times

Many people today still think of jewelry as a way to enhance their appearance, flaunt what they have, or express a genuine feeling of appreciation for another human being. But in these difficult financial times, jewelry is no longer just … Continue reading

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Should the U.S Embrace Chip and PIN?

I wanted to create this article to discuss the security of our money as consumers and to address the title ‘should the U.S embrace Chip and PIN?’. As a U.K resident, I have used the Chip and PIN card machines … Continue reading

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How to Beat Hard Times Get on with Life

How to Beat Hard Times Get on with Life Real life issues are becoming very serious and money problems are just not going anywhere. Yes people are suffering with many serious issues regarding money, work, family and personal health.  The … Continue reading

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