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Belly Lying

When you were born, there were no rules about how a baby was supposed to be positioned in the crib. Sometimes you slept on your belly. Sometimes you slept on your back. There was usually a blanket covering you. There … Continue reading

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Benefits of Risk Taking

The social, pediatric and medical policies that have been circulating in the United States in the past several decades and up to the present have had the tendency to penalize health, intelligence and success in favor of sickness, lowered cognitive … Continue reading

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Insurance and the Safety Net

Nowadays, when Bow and I look out on the backyard we see our dog Leo lounging on the trampoline. But there was a time not long ago, when Sword and Bow used to play on that trampoline together. I mentioned … Continue reading

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Remembering Amnon Katz

My father, Amnon Katz, died seventeen years ago today. It was October 3, 2000. His helicopter crashed and he was killed instantly. There were no other people on board. It was an experimental helicopter he had built with his students … Continue reading

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Candy From Strangers

[This article was first published on Hubpages on 09/26/09. It got 39 comments. It has since been deindexed.] Candy from Strangers Image Credit: The Wikipedia   When I was a little girl, my grandmother tried to impress upon me how … Continue reading

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Changing Social Norms in the 18th Century: The Courtships of Aaron Burr

Every generation decries the changing social norms of the generation that comes after: unless, of course, the older generation does not even survive to see how the younger generation lives. In that case, the younger generation is pretty much left … Continue reading

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Tips For Surviving Family Holiday Get Togethers

It is nice to see your family over the holidays, but after reading numerous forums and blog posts, I also have read quite a bit about how people are frazzled about staying with family.  Some adult children stay with their … Continue reading

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Preserving Family Photos: The Family Album

When shopping for a photo album, keep in mind the generations yet to come. Don’t buy a cheap one. Go for archival quality. Your great-great-great grandchildren will thank you. Continue reading

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A Young Chimpanzee’s Growth and Development

When baby chimpanzees are cross-fostered in a human home, the result is an enculturated chimpanzee. Project Bow was founded in order to show that chimpanzees can not only acquire human language, but are also capable of literacy. Read this article about Bow to see how it all began. Continue reading

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How to dress when pregnant

  Finally you have conceived and just found out that you are pregnant. You may be one of the many women who look forward to the day when you can fit into maternity clothes. Some women loathe wearing maternity clothes; … Continue reading

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