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My Experiences with Socialized Healthcare

[This article was first published in October of 2013 on a site that has since closed.] A friend of mine posted on Facebook some of her experiences with socialized medicine while she was abroad. She spoke of the free health … Continue reading

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Communist Leaders Usually Come from the Middle Class

I am not going to repeat the content of the embedded podcast verbatim in this post, but I will explain the context that prompted me to make this recording. On my Theodosia and the Pirates blog, I got a comment from … Continue reading

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Buy Independent Books, Movies and Music from Alibris

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies Do you know about Alibris? It is another way of buying books, music and movies online. We all know about Amazon, the leading online retailer. Most people also know about Barnes & Noble. They are … Continue reading

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How to Beat Hard Times Get on with Life

How to Beat Hard Times Get on with Life Real life issues are becoming very serious and money problems are just not going anywhere. Yes people are suffering with many serious issues regarding money, work, family and personal health.  The … Continue reading

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An Interview with Leslie Fish

Leslie Fish is a filker, a composer and lyricist,  a vocalist, a writer of fiction and non-fiction, and a political activist for the cause of anarchy. You can read all about her in the Wikipedia. You can also visit her … Continue reading

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BitCoins: Decentralized Electronic Currency

How do you make change? If you have a dollar in your pocket, and you want to pay someone a quarter, do you cut the dollar up into four equal parts and give one of them to the other person? … Continue reading

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