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Candy From Strangers

[This article was first published on Hubpages on 09/26/09. It got 39 comments. It has since been deindexed.] Candy from Strangers Image Credit: The Wikipedia   When I was a little girl, my grandmother tried to impress upon me how … Continue reading

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How To Draw A Skull

  First draw a half circle with the opening at the bottom. This will represent the top of the skull. Add cheekbones by drawing two lines starting just inside the open part of the half circle and gently curving outside … Continue reading

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Chimp Feet Shoes for Halloween

Every chimpanzee that I have ever encountered has been interested in shoes. They like to look at your shoes, and they also like to try them on. I’m not certain why, but it might have something to do with the … Continue reading

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V for Vendetta masks or Guy Fawkes masks: a popular Halloween costume

This year, if you can think of nothing else to wear for Halloween, you might consider a V for Vendetta or Guy Fawkes mask. Why? It’s a popular choice and one of the best-selling items on Amazon, and what is … Continue reading

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