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Waterproof Makeup

When you’re going to the pool or the beach, it can be difficult to keep your makeup on. It doesn’t always last. The sun is out and you will probably be swimming a lot. So you don’t really need much, … Continue reading

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Cycling Indoors for the Winter

I was convinced by a surprise pot hole. For well over a decade I have commuted by bicycle to and from work at least three days a week even in winter.  Of course, in the winter, the sun rises later … Continue reading

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Tenerife’s Yellow Mountain by Amarilla Bay

In the Costa del Silencio area of Tenerife South in the Canary Islands there is a Yellow Mountain. In Spanish it is called Montaña Amarilla and it is right by Amarilla Bay. Amarilla Bay has a community housing complex that … Continue reading

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A Hammock for Christmas: Gifts for the chimp in your life

I once had an elaborate plan to make Bow a chain mail hammock. Why? Because Bow destroys most everything he touches. He has gone through a lot of hammocks over the years, and he never shows any remorse. Bow is … Continue reading

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Chemical Romance

It was a Saturday afternoon, a hot and humid day with not a whole lot going on. I could hear the growl of a lawn mower in the distance as I stood quietly contemplating if I should flip the burgers … Continue reading

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Straightening Hair

Many people with curly, frizzy, and unmanageable hair are always complaining about wanting straight, smooth, and silky hair. Here are some steps on how to straighten your hair. Items needed: • Flat Iron Straightener • Brush • Hair Spray (Optional) … Continue reading

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Saltwater Fishing Tips for Atlantic Spadefish

This article provides saltwater fishing tips for catching Atlantic spadefish, which are sometimes called “angelfish.” The fish’s elongated anal and dorsal fins, along with the black vertical bars, give the fish the appearance similar to an angelfish. Spadefish can be … Continue reading

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Maximizing Your Hiking Workout

Here are some tips to help maximize the health benefits of hiking while minimizing the risks. Use trekking poles. Trekking poles minimize the risk of falls and twisted ankles while helping to reduce impact on your leg joints.  They also … Continue reading

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Freestyle Canoeing

Freestyle canoeing is a cross between a water sport and an art form. It is like dancing with a partner, but the partner is not another person; it’s a canoe. Take a look at the video embedded below, to the … Continue reading

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Are Inflatable Boats Seaworthy?

As summer approaches, many people are heading to the nearest body of water: a river, lake or even the sea. If you don’t happen to own a boat, besides a rental, here is an inexpensive option. Widgets But are … Continue reading

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