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Waterproof Makeup

When you’re going to the pool or the beach, it can be difficult to keep your makeup on. It doesn’t always last. The sun is out and you will probably be swimming a lot. So you don’t really need much, … Continue reading

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西奧多西婭伯爾阿爾斯於1812年12月31日登上愛國者號船,從來就再沒有人見過她。她是淹死在海裡了呢還是被海盜抓去了?過去200年有很多關於這件事的推測。在這個歷史愛情故事中,西奧多西婭和強悍的船長讓·拉菲特一起並肩與英國以及腐敗的聯邦官員還有路易斯安那州的政府官員們戰鬥。雖然新奧爾良之戰和對英國的戰爭很大程度上都是由於拉菲特的貢獻而贏得,可是在一次遠征西班牙的時候搶了西奧多西婭的父親伯爾的船和物資供應的同一支腐敗的政府力量,卻把讓·拉菲特拉菲特的船隻和貨沒收了。亞歷山大·漢密爾頓創建的國稅局,更熱衷於對公民徵稅,而不是與敵人進行戰鬥。海軍派軍艦攻擊獨立私艦,使國家面對侵略者無力抵抗。儘管這樣,拉菲特還是提供火藥,打火石和訓練有素的特殊砲兵部隊,幫助安德魯·傑克遜將軍打敗英國。而麥迪遜總統卻只給了他一個空頭赦免。伯爾能夠讓總統改變想法嗎?抑或拉菲特和西奧多西婭將被迫從西班牙拿錢資助他們進一步的冒險?一個男人和一個女人之間的愛情是什麼?激情和慾望比尊敬和愛戴更重要嗎?什麼是愛國主義?戰爭的費用如何支付?我們能不能愛一個擯棄我們的國家,與此同時又厭棄另一個愛我們的國家?請閱讀’西奧多西婭和海盜’你會得出答案。   Goodreads Book Giveaway Theodosia and the Pirates by Aya Katz Giveaway ends July 21, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win

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Tenerife resort Puerto Colon has its own marina

Puerto Colón is on the south coast of Tenerife and this very popular holiday resort has one of the best marinas on the island. Here you can go on whale and dolphin-watching excursions aboard a catamaran, charter a boat for … Continue reading

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Cycling Indoors for the Winter

I was convinced by a surprise pot hole. For well over a decade I have commuted by bicycle to and from work at least three days a week even in winter.  Of course, in the winter, the sun rises later … Continue reading

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Tenerife’s Yellow Mountain by Amarilla Bay

In the Costa del Silencio area of Tenerife South in the Canary Islands there is a Yellow Mountain. In Spanish it is called Montaña Amarilla and it is right by Amarilla Bay. Amarilla Bay has a community housing complex that … Continue reading

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A Hammock for Christmas: Gifts for the chimp in your life

I once had an elaborate plan to make Bow a chain mail hammock. Why? Because Bow destroys most everything he touches. He has gone through a lot of hammocks over the years, and he never shows any remorse. Bow is … Continue reading

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Many people think cheerleading is just a bunch of girls waving pom poms in the air but it’s actually more than just that. Everyday they go through pain and sacrifices to do their routines trying not to make mistakes. When … Continue reading

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What is a Hermaphrodite Brig or Brigantine?

Sometimes when we are reading about history, we come across terms that we don’t understand. It may not be a question of lack of education or breadth of experience. It sometimes has to do with not understanding the technical details … Continue reading

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Chemical Romance

It was a Saturday afternoon, a hot and humid day with not a whole lot going on. I could hear the growl of a lawn mower in the distance as I stood quietly contemplating if I should flip the burgers … Continue reading

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Straightening Hair

Many people with curly, frizzy, and unmanageable hair are always complaining about wanting straight, smooth, and silky hair. Here are some steps on how to straighten your hair. Items needed: • Flat Iron Straightener • Brush • Hair Spray (Optional) … Continue reading

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