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The Art of Repetition

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I have always been impatient with my paintings. I want to start one and then finish it, and then I want to go on to the next. I’ve never believed in practice works. You know, the kind of artwork that … Continue reading

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Forgotten Art

Sometimes when we are looking for something we have misplaced, we come across something else that we have forgotten all about. That’s what happened to me one morning. I was looking for gumdrops in the kitchen cabinets and instead I … Continue reading

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The Ghost Mask Maker of Jiufen

When I was a professor in Tamsui Oxford University College in Taiwan, my students liked to invite me on outings to see other parts of the island. One time a whole group of us, students and professors, traveled together to … Continue reading

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Archiving Artwork Online

Sometimes we have drawings or paintings we are not particularly proud of, but they have sentimental value. As amateur artists, should we keep everything but our best work away from the public? Will it detract from our “reputation” if we … Continue reading

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Scrapbooking The Memories

It is enjoyable to start a scrapbook around holidays such as Christmas, but these volumes can be a great way to keep your memories year around. I like put photographs, my artwork, and cards in my scrapbook as a way … Continue reading

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I finished this painting yesterday. I love to paint, but I don’t do it all that often. Every once in a while, the spirit moves me, and I do it, even though there is no particular reason. I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Return to the Messy Painting

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Much earlier this year, I had an urge to paint, and so I got out my art supplies and started painting. The painting I began to paint was very messy. And the more I painted it, the messier it got. At … Continue reading

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Make a Halloween Card Featuring A Cat

So how can you make a Halloween card? I prefer sweet Halloween themes, so a black cat with glowing eyes is right up my alley. Make A Halloween Photo Card: Step 1 Select a photograph you would like to use … Continue reading

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Messy Painting

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I am a messy painter. I use way too much paint when I start to fill the canvas, and later I put layers and layers on the original paint in an attempt to get my desired effect. In the painting … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the things we are thankful for, like crafting.  The holiday also means crafters might want to think about creating some holiday decor, but this can become expensive.  Starting in October many of the crafting … Continue reading

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