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Draw A Picture of Your Dog

There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars commissioning an artist to draw your dog when you can attempt to draw one yourself.  Most people have reams of unwanted paper just lying around their homes.  The blank side of … Continue reading

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Not Fit For a Dog to Eat

Dogs have been eating our leftovers since before they stopped being wolves. They deserve to eat a diet fit for a carnivore. Not all commercial dog foods are fit for a dog to eat. Look for a high fat content, not just high protein. Continue reading

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Sometimes allowing strays to lead independent lives is the most humane choice. In Tamsui, when I was there, this was the policy practiced toward stray dogs. Continue reading

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The Story of Buster Dog

Buster was a rotund Bull/Siberian Husky mix, who was born on August 4, 1995. Yes, he would have been seventeen this summer if he were still alive, but he passed away in January of 2007. I have many fond memories … Continue reading

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Stray Dogs and Stray Children

Can dogs use money? Can they keep a budget, save for a rainy day and buy food, knowing how much it will cost? If somebody steals from them, will they be able to stand up for their rights? Do dogs … Continue reading

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Dog Tips

Dogs are loyal friendly pets that you can really interact with by training. Certain people have dogs for certain reasons. Farmers normally have dogs to help with chores. In the city it is harder to have a dog as a … Continue reading

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