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My pen-name is Sweetbearies, which is based on the name I use for my arts and crafts site: I write about subjects such as artwork, photography, crafts, books, and whatever subject tickles my fancy at the moment.

Watching The Sunrise Behind The San Bernardino Mountains

Last Sunday I decided to finally get up early and capture the sunrise on camera. I have seen more stunning sunrises than this one, but as it continued it did become a bit more vibrant. I always seem to make … Continue reading

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Putting Long Hair Into A Messy Bun

Usually, I do not wear my hair up, but someone asked if I could style my hair this way. Thus, I decided to put my hair in a messy bun. This is not a hair styling tutorial per se, but … Continue reading

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Sign That Petition, Donate To This Charity

There seems to be a petition for everything these days, and although many have merit, there have been some ridiculous ones as well. Remember the petition to deport Justin Beiber because of his antics drinking and driving a few years … Continue reading

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Scrapbooking The Memories

It is enjoyable to start a scrapbook around holidays such as Christmas, but these volumes can be a great way to keep your memories year around. I like put photographs, my artwork, and cards in my scrapbook as a way … Continue reading

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The Good And Bad of Cell Phone Use

Cell phones like all technological advances have pros and cons. Technology enables people to stay connected 24/7, but that is also a drawback. There are literally people who will have a meltdown if you do not get back to their text … Continue reading

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How To Find Backlinks

Reliance upon one tool to find backlinks to blogs is not a good use of precious resources. Personally, I prefer because it allows the user to find links to blogs and articles. Also, it distinguishes between whether these links … Continue reading

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Make a Halloween Card Featuring A Cat

So how can you make a Halloween card? I prefer sweet Halloween themes, so a black cat with glowing eyes is right up my alley. Make A Halloween Photo Card: Step 1 Select a photograph you would like to use … Continue reading

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Listening To Christmas Music

Do you enjoy listening to Christmas music? I truly enjoy listening to music around the holidays while decorating the Christmas tree. Holiday music brings back nostalgic memories of caroling in the elementary school choir, and just sitting around the fireplace … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the things we are thankful for, like crafting.  The holiday also means crafters might want to think about creating some holiday decor, but this can become expensive.  Starting in October many of the crafting … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Captures

Yesterday I captured a few photos of white morning glories. There was a magenta one nearby, as well. The rainstorm has been quite beneficial because this means I will not have to water the morning glories for awhile. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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