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I am a child of the 60's and a young man of the 70's. I have a passion for many things technical and all things outdoor. I have written software for myself for many years as well as for many others. Writing is a bit of a family tradition for me, and I am here to indulge that tradition and the passion I am finding in it. Here is hoping it is for us both, a joy and a pleasure. Enjoy !!

  I suffered the impending loss of a loved one lately and It fell upon me that “I love you wasn’t enough”. After desperately considering all that could be said I found but one thing that seemed to fit. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Can I get a toy and a senior discount on my Happy Meal?

Freedom and slavery are but illusions. Freedom is just an illusion where order is arrived through informed consent and slavery is simply order where consent is irrelevant. We like order, but we implicity understand that it is not perfect. We … Continue reading

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