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The Art of Repetition

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I have always been impatient with my paintings. I want to start one and then finish it, and then I want to go on to the next. I’ve never believed in practice works. You know, the kind of artwork that … Continue reading

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Forgotten Art

Sometimes when we are looking for something we have misplaced, we come across something else that we have forgotten all about. That’s what happened to me one morning. I was looking for gumdrops in the kitchen cabinets and instead I … Continue reading

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Archiving Artwork Online

Sometimes we have drawings or paintings we are not particularly proud of, but they have sentimental value. As amateur artists, should we keep everything but our best work away from the public? Will it detract from our “reputation” if we … Continue reading

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Making A Valentine’s Day Bookmark With A Heart Template

Valentine’s is one of the most enjoyable holidays when it comes to crafting ideas.  Rather than buying all your family and friends Valentines, why not try making bookmarks?  These can be constructed out of scrap pieces of card stock, which … Continue reading

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How To Scrapbook Your Artwork

Artists often take pictures of their drawings and paintings for later use.  Scanning pictures of artwork is also useful, especially if these images are used for card making projects.  However, what does a card maker do with their left over … Continue reading

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The Art of Conversation

There is an art to brilliant conversation. It is more than each person talking in turn. It is more than showing courtesy to your interlocutor, pausing when needed, and listening just as much as you speak. Real conversations, the ones … Continue reading

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Didactic Fiction: Propaganda or Art?

Today I came across this quote in a Facebook posting:  “Some major writers have a huge impact, like Ayn Rand, who to my mind is a lousy fiction writer because her writing has no compassion and virtually no humor. She … Continue reading

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Feeding Purple Martins During Inclement Weather

In late March 2011, I was staring out my window watching the falling rain and sleet and the thermometer that was falling even faster.  I was also keeping watch on my eight purple martins that had arrived 10 days earlier … Continue reading

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Arty Graduation Announcements

Over on Zazzle I have been designing some arty graduation announcements with my illustrations and photography.  Here are a couple of the invitation sets that I have created recently.     The announcements above were designed with my colored pencil drawing of … Continue reading

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Two Songs from the Debt Collector by Daniel Carter and Aya Katz Peformed by Jill Dabney

Writing a musical is easy. Getting somebody to perform it is hard. When it comes to the music itself, very few people can even read it.  (Confession: I can’t either.) Daniel Carter wrote some beautiful music for my lyrics, but … Continue reading

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