What’s in Fashion: All things Gladiator

When looking for a fashionable item of apparel, it is not ours to reason why. Ours is to find and buy! This year, for reasons known only to the gods of fashion, all things gladiator are in. For instance? Footwear. Gladiator sandals are in!


Even in the dead of winter, with snow lying on the ground, some women insist on making their way through a busy day shod only in gladiator sandals. In fact, many a woman will receive gladiator sandals from a friend or admirer for Christmas, so sought after are these items of footwear today.

But gladiator paraphernalia is not limited to sandals. There are also gladiator rings.

Some of the rings will be of interest only to those with gladiatorial aspirations, such as the above ring with its built in knife. But not all gladiator rings are only for those who are aficionados of the martial arts. Le Vian, the makers of a fine line of jewelry also have a gladiator collection of rings. The latest addition to the Gladiator Collection is called the “Color Gladiator”, made of Raspberry Rhodolite, Sea-blue aquamarine and Green Apple Peridot.

All the gladiator rings in the Le Vian gladiator collection feature a latticework of diamonds and gold that imitates the straps of a gladiator sandal. But the new “Color Gladiator” also features the Pantone color palate that is the other emerging trend at Le Vian.

YouTube Preview Image

With the recession or depression or whatever we want to call the current slump in consumption of luxury goods, the people at LeVian have very wisely lowered the price of the items they sell, without diminishing the exclusivity of their brand. For instance, chocolate diamonds can be bought at a quarter of the price of normal diamonds, but you can only get them through Le Vian.

The new color gladiator is available exclusively through specific outlets of Macy’s.  But we suspect that the lucky women who receive the Color Gladiator for Christmas will be putting it up for sale sometime within the coming year. So here’s a predicition: look for Color Gladiators to become available at a reduced price through Amazon and eBay in 2012!

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