Watching The Sunrise Behind The San Bernardino Mountains

Last Sunday I decided to finally get up early and capture the sunrise on camera. I have seen more stunning sunrises than this one, but as it continued it did become a bit more vibrant.

The orange glow of the sunrise from behind the San Bernardino Mountains. The silhouette of the trees is visible along the ridge.

At around 5:49 the sunrise was still quite subdued.

The sky became a bit pinker a few minutes later.

The sun rays are visible across the eastern sky above the San Bernardino Mountains.

One sun ray illuminates a small cloud above a larger cloud cluster.

Light pink and orange are visible in the sky that is starting to become light blue.

The orange hued clouds were my favorite part of this subtle sunrise.

I always seem to make it outside to watch the sunset, well at least several nights per week, but I seem to have a difficult time getting up to watch the sunrise. I am so glad I allocated time for documenting the sunrise this past Sunday. The slideshow below will give you a glimpse of the ten minutes I spent watching the sunrise between 5:50 and 6:00 in the morning.


The video contains live motion footage of the sunrise behind the San Bernardino Mountains.

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2 Responses to Watching The Sunrise Behind The San Bernardino Mountains

  1. Aya Katz says:

    That is a beautiful progression of photos of a sunrise! It seems so much more rare to witness a sunrise these days than a sunset.

    • Sweetbearies says:

      It was easier for me to watch the sunrise in the mountains because there is nothing obstructing the view. In the city, I have to walk a distance before I can get to an area with a clear view of the sky in the east.

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