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Freedom and slavery are but illusions. Freedom is just an illusion where order is arrived through informed consent and slavery is simply order
where consent is irrelevant.

We like order, but we implicity understand that it is not perfect. We celebrate the outlaws in America, because we see them live free lives,
unencumbered by the constraints to which we ourselves do not fully consent to.

Slavery is a part of every earthly order just as surely as is freedom. How can everyone agree? How can everyone consent to every rule of our order?

The simple truth is everyone doesn’t agree as to what our order should look like. How could everyone agree to every rule of our order in every

We can only agree to pursue a more perfect order. There is a fear that comes with understanding and agreeing that the present order is not
perfect. At one level we know it as surely as we know our name, but at another level we fear the anarchy. In this fear at every upset, a call by
the emotional mob for a new law is made, making consent to our order, ever further removed from our reach.

We are called to embrace slavery by every order imagined while at the same time ignoring our desire for a freedom from its’ very constraints.

Why is it we can’t meld these illusions? Why must one man tell another man how to live?

The trick is we can meld them. The construct lost to the ages and the slavemasters is that we can meld them and that we have little need for one
man to tell another how to live.

“We must have a king” was not a call for freedom, but rather a call for slavery. The people gave in to their fear of disorder, for a more rigid
and much less perfect order.

Heaven is thought to be many different things by many different people, but the common thread among them is, that it is a perfect order where
every heavenly being knows and wants to do what is right, and in that they are free.

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