Blue-Eyed Grass

When viewed from a distance, while taking a walk, the blue-eyed grass does not look all that different from the rue anemones  scattered all around — just a slightly bluer tinge to the petals.


Blue eyes grass when viewed from a standing position

But when we move in closer, we see it is a completely different flower.

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If we bother to squat down so that we look on the blue-eyed grass at eye level, what is revealed is a rare and delicate flower with fringes on every light blue petal and a fragrant yellow middle. There are six petals to these flowers, very regularly, unlike the rue anemone, whose petals often vary in number.


Blue-eyed grass, from the family Sisyrinchium, is a common prairie grass, but mine grows just at the edge of my woods. At night, the tiny flowers close their petals, and you would hardly notice them. But in the the daytime, when you are chasing butterflies, you might be drawn to their elegant charm.



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  1. Sweetbearies says:

    I am glad to learn more about this flower called blue eyed grass.

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