Twitter Addiction Can Be Fun

Lately, I have to confess that Twitter is by far my favorite social network! I love being able to log in when I feel like it and share what I am looking at, or just take a gander at other peoples’ favorite sites. So what is a Tweet, exactly? A Tweet is when you write a short message on Twitter letting people know what you are doing at the moment, which is much easier than logging into Blogger or WordPress to write an depth post. Many international and regional news sites such as CNN and the LA Times are using Twitter to promote their news stories, which is good to follow if you live in Southern California.  Also, Twitter is useful for just finding out what people might be saying or doing in your local town.

When it comes to the news I follow CNN, BBC, the Guardian, and the LA Times to find out about the latest breaking news stories. Twitter is an efficient way to keep in the loop about current hot trends, and Twitter hashtags help people find like minded people to chat with, or “follow” as they say in Twitter speak. Honestly, the term hashtag reminds me of hash browns, but that probably just means I have food on the mind.  I had always wondered about the purpose of the hashtags, and these still seem a little funny. However tags are very effective because these allow people to find a group of Tweets on a particular topics, such as local hiking trails or hot dog stands. Each time when I sign into Twitter I often wonder how certain hashtags become more popular than others, and I think some people just ride the popularity train by trying out the tags on their status updates. Or maybe, I am just not in the Twitter cool loop.  Nevertheless, Twitter is a fun way to social network, and to even promote your business or blog


What Are People Searching For On Twitter?

Would you like to take a glance at the popular topics on Twitter without signing up for the site? If so, use Twitter search to locate exactly what people are talking about at this very moment. Have you ever used Google trends to get ideas for writing a Hub? If not I recommend both Twitter search and Google trends for pin pointing the popular topics of the moment, which are valuable for garnering some search engine traffic.

However, ever green topics such as home repair and crafting are also good to write about, but try using Twitter search to see if anyone is talking about a particular project more than others. Around Halloween you might see a lot of people tweeting about pumpkin carving, so that might be a good topic to write a Hub or blog about if you are stumped at the moment.

Today I typed in my home town and I saw there were quite a few websites promoting the local weather and blogs about local events, which was pretty cool. Thus, being a citizen journalist and using Twitter to share tidbits about what is happening in your town is a conducive way to bring local interest to your website. Twitter is another way to let people know what you are talking about, especially if you are looking for a niche audience, or want people from a particular town to become regular traffic to your website.

Also, I searched Hubpages on Twitter search and I found quite a few of us are sharing links there. After that I typed in Blogger, Facebook, and the list goes on. It is easy to actually waste quite a bit of time doing that, but searching Twitter might be a good way to learn about popular topics to write about for your blogs. Just a suggestion, but it has given me a few ideas from time to time.

Update Your Facebook and Myspace Pages Via Twitter

Often I forget to log into Myspace and Facebook, but a simple way to update these sites is via Twitter.Sometimes I notice one of my newer hub or blog post gets traffic from Myspace or Facebook, and I was baffled because I had not logged into either social networking platform for a few days. However, I quickly realize that the automatic Twitter updates were a good way to keep my other profiles fresh and up to date.

How To Share Your Photographs On Twitter

Today I read a blog written by someone who said no one over thirty should be using Facebook or Twitter. I just laughed when I saw this because who gets to dictate how others spend their free time. I used to spend a lot of time on the political forums, but I grew weary of the toxic behavior there on the part of a few who do not like seeing others points of view. Instead of wasting my time doing that I now like to update my other social networks, work on my blogs, and see what other people are writing and submitting to Twitter.

Sometimes I would just like to share a picture on Twitter, and I discovered the YFrog makes this possible. Also, you can directly post your pictures to Twitter, if you prefer not to use picture sharing services.  Have a cool picture from a blog post, and are you looking for a way to get a bit of extra traffic? One thing your could do is try posting an image or two to Twitter along with a short description of the link to a blog post. You can also search Twitter to see what other photos people are uploading.  If you are anything like me, then you enjoy looking at pictures from around the world, which is quite entertaining.

Also, it never hurts to promote your hubs and blogs, especially if you have a few that you are especially proud of. Also, I enjoy using Twitter to let the world know about news articles that I truly enjoyed. To me it is just a fun way to share, and less prickly than most online forum. I have become a Twitter addict overnight, and you might just become one too!

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My pen-name is Sweetbearies, which is based on the name I use for my arts and crafts site: I write about subjects such as artwork, photography, crafts, books, and whatever subject tickles my fancy at the moment.

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