The Magnificent Southern California Sunset

Southern California often has stunning sunsets, and I was lucky enough to capture one the other day.  The mix of purple and pink shades in the sky, and the blue-violet color of the mountains in the distance was captivating beyond words.  Actually, sometimes it is preferable to just look at a beautiful sunset rather than having a large amount of commentary about it.

The silhouette of the trees at sunset is quite alluring, and as I gazed out towards Mount Baldy I could see Rancho Cucamonga and out towards Pomona.  I even realized on clear nights you can see the shimmer of the Pacific Ocean, which I had mistaken for the twinkling of city lights at dusk.  So if you enjoy looking at the sunset in your part of the globe, then you should upload some pictures showing off the amazing colors in the sky.  I wish I could travel, but at least in the age of the Internet we can all be virtual wanderers.

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for sharing this magnificent view. It is gorgeous!

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