How To Draw a Dragon


Start by sketching an S shape onto the paper. Then take your line down and let the other side swoosh out for the spikes in the back, almost like a horse in the beginning. Then draw the wings for the dragon, they look similar to bat wings. Next take your brush and make a tail curved out of it. You can continue the stroke of the spikes on the back of it to give a good look. When you’re done with that, make the legs and feet. You can make your dragon in your own unique way and color it any color you’d like. Drawing dragons is quite simple and fun to do. You can draw flame near the dragon’s mouth to make it look even cooler than before. Hopefully this gives you a little explanation on how to draw a dragon. Many people draw them in different ways and if you still don’t think your dragon looks right here is a video showing how you can draw it which I do not own:

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