An Interview with Leslie Fish

Leslie Fish is a filker, a composer and lyricist,  a vocalist, a writer of fiction and non-fiction, and a political activist for the cause of anarchy. You can read all about her in the Wikipedia. You can also visit her own website and her political blog.

Yesterday, I spoke with Leslie Fish via Skype. Normally my interviews are only about fifteen minutes long, due to the technical limitations of both Skype calls and YouTube videos. However, in Leslie’s case, I couldn’t whittle the material down to only fifteen minutes, so I have posted the interview in two parts. The first part discusses Leslie’s recent engagement, her experiences with the Wobblies, her filk music and career, her writing, and some of her views on anarchy.

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In Part Two, Leslie talks about how to implement anarchy, through propaganda, cultural and economic change, and massive passive resistance. She discusses the original tea party and how it differs from opportunistic politicians who seek to harness its energy for their own agendas. Leslie declares her support for Ron Paul, and she explores in detail why she thinks he is the best candidate. Finally, Leslie tells us about upcoming events, her new album, Avalon is Risen, and the musical selection for her upcoming nuptials.

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If you are interested in hearing more of Leslie Fish’s music or reading her books, please consider the following products.

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4 Responses to An Interview with Leslie Fish

  1. Great stuff … But will enough people listen, understand, and care? … Actually, Aa, I wonder if you’ll ever interview your chimpanzees Bow and Sword.

    • Aya Katz says:

      Kate, thanks! Will enough people listen, understand and care? They can’t care, unless they understand. They can’t understand unless they listen. And they can’t listen unless they know the interview is available. So sharing this interview with as many people as possible is the first step.

      Videos of Sword and Bow are available on my YouTube channel. A brief interview of Sword is part of the 2007 DVD that I uploaded piecemeal. You might also enjoy watching Bow’s Skype calls.

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