How To Put Long Thick Hair Up In A Good Bun

If you have long thick hair then these steps will be a perfect way to teach you how to put your hair up in a tight beautiful bun without using a claw or special products. All you will need is an elastic hair tie or anything you naturally would use to put your hair up into a ponytail or bun. You should brush your hair a little before this so that it will be easier to put up and you won’t have to keep trying again and again. Here are two ways:

1st way:

1.) Wrap your hair around itself into a shape of a donut.

2.) Hold it together with your fingers and keep it up and adjust it to how high or low you want it.

3.) Take the elastic band and wrap it around into a nice tight bun.

4.) Take some clips to clip it in to make sure it will stay in all day (Optional)


2nd way:

1.) Take your hair as if you were going to do a ponytail and pull the elastic band almost all the way through but not quite.

2.) You should have a small tail at the end and adjust it to the angle you’d like it.

3.) Once it’s just the way you like wrap the elastic band around and make it tight to where it’ll stay all day.

4.) You should now have a bun with a small tail, I call this the tail bun.

Hope these steps help you if you have thick long hair and if you want 3 simple steps just watch this video which I don’t own:

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