The World War II Theme in Inverted-A Press Books

Two of our authors at Inverted-A Press are World War II veterans: John Wheatcroft, the author The Portrait of a Lover and Jesse Bier, the author of Transatlantic Lives. 

John Wheatcroft speaks about his experiences during the war:

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In his novel Transatlantic Lives,  Jesse Bier, who was himself awarded the purple heart, had this say:

Here’s treacherous truth, at least for men, the way
it’s always been—immemorial, probably genetic, dire—
rev’d up, insurmountable—over-coming pain, obviating
death—more shameful and unaccountable than the fear of
either or both—irresistible in its fits and starts—that war
is, in between the boring parts, Exciting. “Come and get
me!” in this instant is so confident and defiant, that you
know nobody will, that you know in this moment of
transcendent thrill you’ll last—you’ve already lasted—
Ed Nordstrom received the Purple Heart, just one,
not thirteen, but no Bronze Star for wounded bleeding
durable valor.
“Hell,” he said later, “no one, or everyone, there
should have had that, shot or not. And so what, anyway? To
stick it on a shelf somewhere? It’s only recognition, and it’s
enough I recognize myself.”

Those of us who were not there can only imagine. But sometimes it helps to read the words of someone who was there, to try to understand.



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6 Responses to The World War II Theme in Inverted-A Press Books

  1. Sweetbearies says:

    Both of my grandfathers were World War II vets and served in the Pacific. Interesting reading about the experiences of World War II vets who have published books with Inverted-A.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Sweetbearies. Did your grandfathers share with you some of their experiences? I find that our authors each has a unique story to tell and different perspective from which to tell it.

  2. admin says:

    Sweetbearies, I think a fictionalized account of your grandfathers’ experiences would be very interesting. But don’t give up on your current novel!

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