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Do you enjoy listening to Christmas music? I truly enjoy listening to music around the holidays while decorating the Christmas tree. Holiday music brings back nostalgic memories of caroling in the elementary school choir, and just sitting around the fireplace drinking hot chocolate. As an adult I go down memory lane by listening to my Christmas albums, and I have many good memories of that time in my life. Today I was sorting through my Christmas music and thinking of my favorite songs. Here are a few Christmas albums you might want to listen to yourself, or to give to a friend. Remember: Christmas is all about enjoying the holidays and unwinding with some soothing music.

There are so many creative things you can do with Christmas music. For instance, people

A Christmas ornament such as this one paired with  Christmas music CD would make a budget friendly gift for people who enjoy holiday music.

can have a Christmas music listening party where everyone brings their favorite Christmas music, and each person takes turns sharing these with the group. What is your favorite Christmas song? I happen to love Jingle Bells as it always reminds me of Rudolph, even though that is an entirely different song! There is just something magical about the holidays when it comes to decorating and playing music. However, very few of us only listen to music CDs these days. Today people can even send family and friends digital downloads of their favorite Christmas albums. My, how times have changed!

What ever happened to just having fun around Christmas? Does everyone need to go on shopping sprees buying more items that will just clutter-up closet space? One idea is to buy friends and family CDs with Christmas music. Yes, I know I am a bit old fashioned suggest buying a CD with Christmas music, but why are people afraid of nostalgic things?

Young people yearning for retro themed stuff from the 90’s might get a kick out of someone giving them a compact disc with Christmas music on it. A Christmas album on compact disc is something many people can listen to enjoy around this time of year, and unlike a Santa shirt, most people will not be inclined to return it. Now I would not suggest giving Christmas music for people who do not enjoy this holiday, but this could make a fun novelty present for people who do enjoy holiday music.

Christmas Cafe

The Christmas Cafe is a soothing jazz infused Christmas album. I especially enjoyed this album’s rendition The Chanukah Song, but Jingle Bells was also catchy. There is no singing on this album, so it is ideal to listen to if you just want some ambient Christmas music in the background when you are doing household chores. The thing I love the most about the Christmas Cafe is the sepia image of coffee on the front cover of the compact disc, which just gets me in the mood for java and the holidays. Listening to this Christmas album while drinking a cup of coffee truly is relaxing.

First Noel

If you are looking for a Christmas album with more traditional holiday songs, then the First Noel might be for you. I appreciated the vocals on this album, and the Sussex Carol was the most touching of these all. The Christmas compilation is only about a half hour in length, so it is ideal to take on a short car ride, or just if you want a quick break from wrapping presents while making dinner. The songs on this compact disc makes a great gift for people who enjoy more traditional versions of Christmas songs.

Christmas in the Old Country

Christmas in the Old Country features songs by the English Chorale, and is a nice treat for Americans who would like a taste of an English Christmas so to speak. Some Americans talk about having Dickens themed Christmas, and I could imagine this album playing during a party with this type of theme. Actually, it is nice to have Christmas music from around to the world to see how other cultures celebrate and sing about the holidays.


The Moody Blues are one of my favorite bands, so I was elated when I discovered they put out a Christmas album. The Moody Blues released December back in 2000, and it includes some of their original songs such as the hauntingly beautiful December Snow. Not all of the songs on this album are original Moody songs, and some songs are cover songs. My favorite song on this album is Happy Xmas (War Is Over), which is a cover of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono original. If you are a Moody Blues fan like I am, then you will enjoy adding December to your Christmas music collection. So relax and decorate the Christmas tree while listening the majestic voices of John Lodge and Justin Hayward sing their versions of Christmas tunes.

If you noticed, I talked a lot about my music compact discs because I have not made the change over to digital downloads. These songs are most likely available in the online download format, but I appreciate having a physical object I can carry around with me. I will never be a fan of walking around with headphones perpetually stuck in my ears while being oblivious to the world. Perhaps I am a bit old fashioned because I think Christmas music should be played aloud for everyone who wants to enjoy it.


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2 Responses to Listening To Christmas Music

  1. Aya Katz says:

    I love listening to Christmas music during the holidays. Even though I am not religious, I like the old fashioned religious carols the most.

  2. Sweetbearies says:

    I am not religious either, but I still like the old fashioned Christmas carols. I like some of the newer stuff, but that is John Lennon and the Moody Blues. Today kids who are not into 60’s and 70’s music do not even know who they are.

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