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Misconceptions about Population Statistics

In the western world, in modern times, life expectancy is higher than it was in the past and higher than it currently is in the third world. But is that entirely a good thing? Most people think that it is, … Continue reading

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The Art of Conversation

There is an art to brilliant conversation. It is more than each person talking in turn. It is more than showing courtesy to your interlocutor, pausing when needed, and listening just as much as you speak. Real conversations, the ones … Continue reading

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Reciprocity and Turn Taking in Love

No love is selfless. Love is its own reward and is tied directly to the reward center of the brain, Continue reading

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Reading And Commenting On That Blog Post

I sometimes am hesitant to post links to my blogs on Facebook these days because most people do not click through to read and comment.  One friend told me awhile back she reads only what I post on my Facebook … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Nannies Gone? A Review of Saving Mr. Banks

Ultimately both Disney and Travers were conflicted and inconsistent. He enjoyed great business success, but put out movies that pandered to the foes of industry and free trade. She wanted to hold on to her artistic purity, but did not realize that only money could set her free to do that. All in all, it’s still a very optimistic movie. Why? Because the Sherman brothers wrote great songs! They showed both sides of the coin equally well. Continue reading

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