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Hiking Kona

People of all skill levels can enjoy hiking in Kona, which runs along the western coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kona is well known for its delectable coffee, but it also possesses scenic hiking trails. Visitors and residents … Continue reading

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An Interview with F.L. Light

F. L. Light is a poet, translator and dramatist. He is a prolific writer, and Amazon lists 65 of his works.  He also writes online, and two of his blogs can be found here: Solopassion and The Eleutherian Laureate. I recently … Continue reading

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Changing Social Norms in the 18th Century: The Courtships of Aaron Burr

Every generation decries the changing social norms of the generation that comes after: unless, of course, the older generation does not even survive to see how the younger generation lives. In that case, the younger generation is pretty much left … Continue reading

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Wedgewood Harelquin Butterfly Bloom Table Settings

  In the spring and summer months, all of nature turns to beautiful and whimsical colors. The blossoms of every tree and bush invite us to enjoy life and the great outdoors. Even when dining inside, we like to leave … Continue reading

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Stumbleupon Can Be Quite Addictive

What is more fun than using Stumbleupon? Over the last few years I have learned that actually stumbling through what people submit is quite a bit more fun than just submitting things yourself. At first I thought the random stumbling … Continue reading

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