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The Character of Aaron Burr: A Review

This is a review of Roger G. Kennedy’s biographical book, Burr, Hamilton and Jefferson: A Study in Character.   Kennedy’s  is not the sort of book one should read when not familiar with the history of the United States, the … Continue reading

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Twitter Addiction Can Be Fun

Lately, I have to confess that Twitter is by far my favorite social network! I love being able to log in when I feel like it and share what I am looking at, or just take a gander at other … Continue reading

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Who Should Pay for Waging War?

War is a zero sum game, in which nations battle over territory and natural resources. It therefore follows that those who get the most territory for the least expenditure of resources are the most successful. For this reason, war should be financed at the expense of the enemy, and not at the expense of one’s own people. In lieu of taxation, issuing letters of marque and reprisal is a better choice. Continue reading

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Trapping and Shooting Strategies for Eliminating European Starlings and…

I’ve been meaning to write this article for a long time.  As a member of a few birding forums, I see a lot of requests for advice with sparrow trapping and shooting and I always post a lot of information, but … Continue reading

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