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Can You Forgive? Another song from The Debt Collector

“Can You Forgive” is a very important song that appears in the third act of The Debt Collector, a libertarian musical composed by Daniel Carter and written by me. Victoria Trestrail, playing the role of Lottie Lark with great effect, … Continue reading

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Prevent Breast Cancer by Wearing a Wire Free Bra

Not only are wire free bras known as healthier and more comfortable, but also bras with wire are especially thought to be linked to, if not a cause of breast cancer. Some people say bras have nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Buy Reach Gentle Gum Care Woven Dental Floss Online

Sometimes we become accustomed to finding a personal hygiene product at our local drugstore or grocery store. Then one day it disappears. Did they stop making it, we wonder? Or has this particular store just stopped carrying it for some … Continue reading

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What Makes a Welfare Mother: Another Song from The Debt Collector

The Debt Collector is a libertarian musical set in the 1980s about a family named the Larks, their landlady, Mrs. Hauser, their social worker, Siren, and, in the title role, Blood, the debt collector hired by the landlady. In the song … Continue reading

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