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Tips For Surviving Family Holiday Get Togethers

It is nice to see your family over the holidays, but after reading numerous forums and blog posts, I also have read quite a bit about how people are frazzled about staying with family.  Some adult children stay with their … Continue reading

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How To Make A Pumpkin Pie For Thanksgiving

It is almost Thanksgiving time again, and many families are planning what desserts they will serve after dinner.  Sure it is easy to just buy a pumpkin pie at the store, but it can be very rewarding to make one … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Accessories Make Great Gifts for Christmas

In this day and age, cell phone usage is so prevalent, that even the Amish carry cellphones. When you are looking for a new and useful gift to get a family member or close friend, usually a cellphone would not … Continue reading

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Unique Holiday Gifts: A Pony for Christmas

What child does not want a pony of his or her very own. Unfortunately, most people do not have the resources to provide this once simple luxury. A pony requires land, a barn, feed and lots and lots of care. … Continue reading

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Archery – Bring Home the Best Quality Bows and Arrows

Archery has been man’s fancy for hundreds of years. It grew as a necessity to hunt but slowly developed into passion and entertainment. In the modern day, archery is considered a noble act and game. The game consists of a … Continue reading

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Save Money Online with Grocery Coupons from Amazon

I bet you buy books on Maybe you buy presents for Christmas on Amazon. But have you ever thought to buy groceries online from Amazon? If you haven’t, there has never been a better time, because now you can … Continue reading

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Christmas Wish List: For the Little Boy Who Wants to Be a Pirate

What little boy does not want to be a pirate? Some of them want it so badly that they have convinced themselves they already are a pirate. This Christmas, you don’t have to spend very much to make your little … Continue reading

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Maxx The Wonder Cat

I still like to think of Maxx as the wonder cat as he was this very sweet little gray kitten with long hair. He disappeared a few months after we adopted him, and I was quite disconsolate about it. Maxx … Continue reading

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How to Compost Human Waste

Composting refers to the organic materials that have first been decomposed and then, different recycling processes are used in order to make the compound fit for use as a fertilizer. There are lot of different methods of composting and in … Continue reading

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