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The Harvest Moon, the Autumnal Equinox and the Holidays of Autumn

In  a perfect world, the lunar calendar and the solar calendar would be in synch. The cycles of the moon and the revolution of the earth around the sun would work together to create a single unified calendar by which … Continue reading

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The Story of Buster Dog

Buster was a rotund Bull/Siberian Husky mix, who was born on August 4, 1995. Yes, he would have been seventeen this summer if he were still alive, but he passed away in January of 2007. I have many fond memories … Continue reading

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Making A Japanese Flag Card

Since I like to make crafts such as cards, I decided to create a handmade card tutorial as a tribute to the people of Japan. My card is entitled “My Heart Goes Out To Japan,” and it was a card … Continue reading

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Crafting On A Budget

Budget crafting is fun because you make wonderful stuff out of things you already have. Use recycled paper, scraps of yarn, used glass bottles, and unwanted item to create beautiful works of art. Crafting on a budget is a wonderful … Continue reading

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Bearie23’s Zazzle Shop

Bearie23 is the nickname of an artist who enjoys sharing her creations at Are you looking for some fun art? Would you like a pretty mug or a cool tie? If so, then check out Bearie23’s Zazzle shop and … Continue reading

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Tenerife Property Video Blog makes property searching easy

If you are searching for property in Tenerife the Tenerife Property Video Blog will make it much easier for you to find what you are looking for. Tenerife Property Video Blog provides access to some of the best properties for … Continue reading

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What is Vacuum County All About?

What is Vacuum County all about? Most authors are happy to be asked what their book is about. To me, this is a terrifying question, just like a few other seemingly simple questions: what is your profession, your nationality, your … Continue reading

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Canadian singer-songwriter Sylvana White interviewed

 Let me introduce you to Sylvana White I had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with Canadian singer Sylvana White. Please introduce yourself to my readers. Hi my name is Sylvana White! I was born in Montreal, Canada and raised … Continue reading

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The Problem of Genre

The Problem of Genre I was not quite seventeen years old when I wrote the first chapter of The Few Who Count. I was twenty-three by the time it was finished. It was my first novel. I sent out a query letter … Continue reading

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What is Work?

On Labor Day, we celebrate all those toilers who labor for others. But what exactly is work? Why do we work? If you work and nobody pays you, are you still working? Why get a job? Is it still a job if you pay for the privilege of working? As Tom Sawyer. He knows how to get people to pay him for working. Continue reading

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