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Music to Listen to While Writing a Novel: Our Lady of Kaifeng

Most people imagine that writing a book is accomplished while sitting. The author dips his quill or taps on the keys of his typewriter or the keyboard of this computer. Naturally, he is sitting down. But not all writers do … Continue reading

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Forced Choices

My daughter and her cousin were playing  a game. The name of the game was “Would You Rather.” “Would you rather be eaten by sharks or burned in a fire?” A moment of hesitation. “Eaten by sharks.” “Okay. Would you … Continue reading

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Borax Is A Natural Way To Kill Ants

Personally I do not like spraying bug sprays in my apartment, especially since these cost a lot of money and are smelly.  In the past, I did try the little sticky ant traps, but these did nothing for me.  During … Continue reading

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Why I Am Voting For Obama Again

There seems to be some conservatives who think Americans who are voting for Obama again are not as politically aware or informed as they might be, so this is my opinion piece to refute this assertion.  I am not saying all conservatives … Continue reading

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Another Glimpse into the True Heart of this President

President Obama, 7/13/2012: “There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me — because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t — look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. … Continue reading

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How designer perfumes are made

      For centuries luscious fragrances have been created using flowers, leaves, spices, woods, fruits and leaves.  There are many types of plants that do not secrete the oils to use in perfumes. Perfume designers will than resort to … Continue reading

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Popularity of Burberry perfume

    Burberry is a world renowned luxury designer house that was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry.  With over 473 locations and based in London, Burberry distributes fashion accessories, clothing and an exclusive line of perfumes and fragrances. One … Continue reading

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Establishing a Strong Merchant Website and Also Using Local SEO

So many people are looking to take advantage of running a home business and make money through the internet, although not everyone is passionate about web designing and the official Google Webmaster Guidelines.  There are some people who want to … Continue reading

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Get Organized With Art Inspired Notebooks And Dry Erase Boards

School is starting again soon and many families are looking for ways to get organized.  Also, you might just be an adult who wants to get organized with blogging or book writing, so there are many items that can help … Continue reading

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Simple Tips on how to choose your Wedding Lingerie

  Excitement builds after the proposal; you are now planning for your wedding and the last thing you need is to be wearing mix- matched lingerie.  Only your soon-to-be husband will know what is underneath, so choosing wedding lingerie is … Continue reading

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