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” The Headless Spirits”

Chapter 1 14 year old Katie Turner and her parents moved into an old Victorian 2 story house not knowing the history behind it. It had been abandoned for five years before they bought it and there were many stories … Continue reading

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” The Baby”

No mama please don’t kill me. I am going to be a baby someday. You will grow to love me just wait and see. No mama don’t do it I love you and you love me. So please don’t kill … Continue reading

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Our Mothers’ Backs

[Note: This article was originally published on Hubpages in 2009. Since the content was deemed to violate Hubpages editorial policy in 2012, it has been moved to PubWages.] Seirei no Moribito Episode 2 English Subbed | Watch Seirei no Moribito … Continue reading

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” Daddy”

“Daddy” Daddy you mean the world to me. I am that person that your eyes see. I may not have become what you wanted me to be. Have done what you wanted me to do. But I am what I … Continue reading

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” Do I”

Do I not breath the same air you breath Feel the same pain that you do? Cry the same tears you do? Do I not hurt like you do feel sad like you? Bleed the same color you do? Love … Continue reading

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Spartan Mothers

Mother’s Day is despised by many people as a holiday full of sentiment and empty of any thought and meaning. Many see it as just another commercial occasion to sell flowers, candy and bath oils. Part of the reason for … Continue reading

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Angelique’s Lament, a Dark Shadows Filksong

When I was ten years old, my family  moved to the United States for good. I was very lonely, and I didn’t have any friends. (For a fictionalized account of what I was going through, read my story The Punky-Wunkies.) … Continue reading

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A Floral Tea Set Makes The Ideal Mother’s Day Gift

Does your mom enjoy a bit of tea with her scones? Does she speak adoringly of floral tea sets?  The tea set that I designed below with colored pencil drawing of marigolds is just another idea of a Mother’s Day … Continue reading

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City Councils Writing Legislation That Can’t be Enforced

I understand people’s desire for an orderly society and their desire to feel safe in our communities. However our city, state and local governments seem to let power go to their heads and create stupid laws simply for no reason, … Continue reading

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Baby Safety: How to Baby Proof your Home: The Nursery

Designing the perfect nursery with a cute theme, such as those found with owl baby bedding, and the perfect color of paint, can be fun and satisfying. But just as much or more consideration needs to be put into planning … Continue reading

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