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Photographing The San Bernardino Mountains

My photography and artwork of the San Bernardino Mountains go hand in hand because the former is usually inspiration for the latter. Looking down towards Hesperia on a late December day is always an opportunity to see the beauty of … Continue reading

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Beggar’s Eyes

He looks at me through beggar’s eyes Eyes older than his years He looks at me through beggar’s eyes Their youthful shine were tears He looks at me through beggar’s eyes He’s lost and all alone. He looks at me … Continue reading

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Winter The wind is rushing by The birds all disappear And I cry out, “Winter has come.” Spring The snow is seeping through the ground A child whispers softly And the coldness is no longer here. Summer I hear the … Continue reading

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Clothing Excitement-Shopping For Clothes When Pregnant

                              Shopping for maternity clothes can be an exciting time, you can choose from all of the latest fashions and trends. Bathing suits, adorable Maxi’s, Capri’s, … Continue reading

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How To Determine Your Size When Ordering Your Lingerie On-Line

      Determining your size before purchasing lingerie is a fairly simple process. Although different brands may have measurements that differ, if you follow the measurement guidelines your size should be easy to determine. Measuring For Bra Size When determining … Continue reading

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How To Choose The Right Perfume

Choosing the right perfume can become time consuming. Companies have a way with tantalizing our senses by intricately placing folded test strip advertisements in between the pages that tease our noses with delight. But rubbing the perfume on the wrist … Continue reading

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Interview With Hannah Johnson About Writing

Hannah Johnson is a talented writer who maintains the website Frisky Kitten Publishing, so I decided to ask her a few questions about her writing projects. What is your website Frisky Kitten Publishing about? My website Frisky Kitten Publishing is … Continue reading

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Remembering the Mount Carmel Massacre

Nineteen years ago, on April 19, 1993, the United States government, through the agency of the ATF and with assistance of other agencies, completed a siege against innocent citizens in their homes with a fiery inferno that took the lives of all … Continue reading

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Book Review: Good Faith and Truthful Ignorance: A Case of Transatlantic Bigamy

Aya Katz is publishing her novel Vacuum County, which has several recurrent themes about Cabeza de Vaca, whose travels she is now documenting in greater detail here on Pubwages. Her discussions on Spanish exploration and colonization made me think about … Continue reading

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Traveling with Cabeza de Vaca: Introduction

This is going to be a recurring feature of PubWages, a column about the writings and travels and life of Cabeza de Vaca. Continue reading

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