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San Bernardino Mountains Photography

Since many people will never be able to travel to the San Bernardino Mountains, this photo essay will give you an idea of what this part of Southern California looks like.  If you are planning a trip to the San … Continue reading

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How to Use a Featured Image on PubWages

Most of us who have been writing on PubWages for some time now use photographs and illustrations in the body of our pubs, and we know how to upload an image and embed it into the text. But did you … Continue reading

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Killing Horses by Judy Piatt: Local Author Pens Stunning Book After Living…

50 years after the publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, there comes a book, so chilling in its detail and veracity, I will truly never be the same. Keeping in mind the author is not a writer by trade, … Continue reading

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Rosewater and Sodabread: A Book Review

Rosewater and Sodabread is the second novel written by the author Marsh Mehran, which is part of a series about three Iranian sisters who emigrate to Ireland to open the Babylon Cafe. Follow the adventures of the Aminpour sisters  in … Continue reading

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Book review: Second String, by Anthony Hope

Second String is a story of class differences, small-town scandal, politics and romance in early 20th Century England. Published in 1910, this novel has recently become available on Project Gutenberg.  Link to the book: Our hero, Andy Hayes, has … Continue reading

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Where To Buy Valentine’s Day Shirts

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but you can still buy your mi amour a heart themed shirt because that is one sentiment that never goes out of style.  Over on Zazzle I design shirts with my original artwork, so here are … Continue reading

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How You Can Help Project Gutenberg

Do you like to read? Do you think that books should be free? Do you have some spare time? Project Gutenberg (PG) ( is an organization devoted to making electronic texts available free to everyone. All PG books are free … Continue reading

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Lyric Legend App Review

Lyric Legend is an amazing app for the iPod/iPhone/iPad. It’s really good for people who love music. When you first go into it you can choose either single player, multiplayer, how to play, song store, or options. Basically what you … Continue reading

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Summer Makeup Advice

Summer is a fun time of the year wear different makeup looks. Normally good colors for summer makeup are in the warmer tones such as: Red, orange, yellow, and pink. A lot of people like to be very colorful in … Continue reading

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