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Should the U.S Embrace Chip and PIN?

I wanted to create this article to discuss the security of our money as consumers and to address the title ‘should the U.S embrace Chip and PIN?’. As a U.K resident, I have used the Chip and PIN card machines … Continue reading

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Merchant Services and How it Affects Trading

 A marketplace thrives on good customer services and this should be a major concern when looking to provide different features at a small business. Of course there are the obvious amenities you should offer your customers such as wheelchair … Continue reading

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The Few Who Count is now on Kindle

My first novel, The Few Who Count, came out in 1985. I started writing it in 1977, when I had not yet turned seventeen. I finished writing it when I was not quite twenty-three. After two years of sending it … Continue reading

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You Don’t Need to be a Pacifist to Support Ron Paul

Many people support Ron Paul’s domestic plans, but they balk when they listen to what he has to say about foreign policy. It does not help that many of Ron Paul’s supporters are in fact pacifists who talk about how … Continue reading

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Cycling Indoors for the Winter

I was convinced by a surprise pot hole. For well over a decade I have commuted by bicycle to and from work at least three days a week even in winter.  Of course, in the winter, the sun rises later … Continue reading

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Buy Christmas Cards Online

Sweetbearies Art Workshop is the online store where you can find Christmas cards, and other art inspired items such as t-shirts and hats. Below are a few of the Christmas cards that you might want to purchase for the holidays. … Continue reading

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Children’s Books for Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is a time for gift-giving, and it is especially a time to buy gifts for children. As an author of three titles for children, naturally I would like you to consider the following … Continue reading

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New Title from Inverted-A Press Now Available

John Wheatcroft’s new novel, The Portrait of a Lover, is now available from Inverted-A Press. It is listed on Amazon and can be purchased just in time for Christmas, with a mere click of a button.   The Portrait of … Continue reading

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Tenerife’s Yellow Mountain by Amarilla Bay

In the Costa del Silencio area of Tenerife South in the Canary Islands there is a Yellow Mountain. In Spanish it is called Montaña Amarilla and it is right by Amarilla Bay. Amarilla Bay has a community housing complex that … Continue reading

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