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Beautiful Table Setting Ideas for Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautifully set table at Thanksgiving? While the food at every meal, and especially at festive occasions attended by friends and family, should always be wholesome and tasty, the eyes are also hungry, and we often forget … Continue reading

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PubWages Requirements: Be a Person and Write Original Content

Today, October 29, 2011, PubWages has undergone a major house cleaning. We have eliminated hundreds of contributors and thousands of articles. The reason: those contributors were not people, and/or their articles were not original. To avoid having this happen to … Continue reading

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Watch Origin: Spirits of the Past online

Do you enjoy anime? Are some of your favorite movies Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind or Princess Mononoke? Then you will enjoy watching Origin: Spirits of the Past. And you can watch it completely free of charge, right … Continue reading

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Books by John Wheatcroft: The Portrait of a Lover

There are many books by John Wheatcroft. If you are a long term fan, then you may have already read most, if not all. But there is a new novel about to come out this December: The Portrait of a … Continue reading

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Updating My Website

I found out my old web hosting provider is raising their rates to $20 dollars a month, which is am amount I consider to be way too high.  I was not happy with their functionality to begin with, especially since … Continue reading

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Is it vain to wear contact lenses?

Is it vain to wear contact lenses? Are people who wear them trying to improve their appearance or their vision? This is a question that comes up quite often when a teenager first thinks about switching from glasses to contact … Continue reading

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The Walk Around Sparrow Lake: A Short Story

When I took a walk around Grass Valley Lake I created a short video, and came up with the idea for this short fiction story. This tale is about a fictional place called Sparrow Valley Lake, but Grass Valley Lake … Continue reading

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Chimp Feet Shoes for Halloween

Every chimpanzee that I have ever encountered has been interested in shoes. They like to look at your shoes, and they also like to try them on. I’m not certain why, but it might have something to do with the … Continue reading

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How To Braid Hair

Braiding hair is very simple but for the people who have never had the chance to learn how or for the younger teens, here are some easy steps on how to braid your hair. When starting out I suggest to … Continue reading

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